Statement of Purpose

This is a group for those who support course management systems and other instructional technology applications here at UCLA. This is less about the programming and more about policies, user support techniques, faculty outreach, training, common problems, and interesting solutions. It should be forum for talking about instructional technology at UCLA.

This is a group not limited to those in the technology field ("techies"), but is intended for people across all areas of campus (i.e. academic units, Library, central computing units, central support units and areas we may not even be aware of yet) to work together towards the common goal of supporting the use of Instructional Technology.

We anticipate brown-bag lunch meetings where we can visit each other's sites and do show and tells. See the first one, scheduled below.

We also hope to learn more about exceptional things your faculty are doing.

The email archives and parts of this site are private.

What to do first.

  1. Add yourself to the mailing list and look through the archive.
  2. Email the group with a quick bio so we can get to know you.
  3. Volunteer to host a brown-bag to demo your system (or anything else) by picking a date and emailing the group.